Bosques de Tepepan

Residential development, 410 apartments in the south of Mexico D.F.

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Bosques de Tepepan

Residential development, 410 apartments in the south of Mexico D.F.

The choice for the residential blocks placement is centered around the following themes. First, the blocks respect the existing trees. Second, two blocks one in front of the other are never parallel.   In this way the blocks have a free destribution in the landscape, with a sequence of flowing green spaces looking far from being streets. Third, the blocks have slight height differences: less high on the site edge to relate more to neighbor constructions. Fourth, the landscape at ground level will be free from vehicles since all the parking is organized below the blocks. The site will have a design park style, with extensive vegetation, green areas, trails, and a central stone plaza.

Mexico 02-03-2017

I am excited to see that an architectonic concept that we designed some 7 years ago, and that now is half way its construction, is showing that it really works.

In 2010 we designed a project for 410 apartments in Tepepan, in the south of Mexico City, on a former ranch. The idea was simple; to preserve all trees, plants and expressive objects on the lot and built 7 independent buildings in the in-between spaces. The buildings were carefully placed in non-parallel positions to have the space circle around them freely, prevent the notion of “street” and to secure open views for everybody. All parking is organized under the block, half sunken in the ground, naturally ventilated and illuminated, and the circulation is covered with a great plaza that connects the buildings at garden level. So, the whole area is car free and usable for recreative purposes.

A few weeks ago, we took a walk over the plaza between the buildings and cut through one of the gardens and we found ourselves in a perfectly lovely area, with full grown trees, plants and fragments of vulcanic-stone garden walls; details of a former reality. It gave a good feeling to see that the architecture and the vegetation, work so well together and that the scenography we had in mind, has become reality.

Maybe not all our architectonic ambition was realized the way we wanted, during the process of building, still the original aim of the project comes out clearly and will be of benefit for the people living in their newly acquired apartment.


We are thankful in the trust that our client, A y L desarrolladores, has put in us as their architects and we thank all people involved: the team in the office, the advising engineers, the providers of materials, the people in the selling office and all the site workers, for helping to make it all happen.


ClientDesarrolladora A & L
Design year2011-2012
Construcion year2015-2018
CollaboratorsKVR Paisaje, México