Multimedia Center María de Guadalupe

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Multimedia Center María de Guadalupe

Design for 4000m2 of Multimedia Center for the Virgin of Guadalupe, to be housed within Plaza Mariana, directly accesible from the Atrium of Guadalupe Basilica in Mexico City, one of the largest pilgrimage places in the world.  

The project is a route along 5 multimedia projection halls over the life of Jesus, with an introductory space in which the presence of Catholicism particularly in Mexico is presented. Additional facilities: restaurant-cafeteria, shop, auditorium, green space, service zones.

The general design concept is based on the idea that Virgin Guadalupe invites the pilgrim to learn more about the life of Jesus of Nazareth and the origin of the Church. She welcomes the visitor within her robe, just like she expressed her embracing love to Juan Diego upon her apparition. The robe is a referent for the interior design: the shapes, the images, the decoration. They are expressive but also quiet, tranquil, soft, harmonious, elegant, feminine, generous and friendly.  They are, like her dress, full of meaning and message. The program of the center is housed along the wooden curvy walls. The relentless development of the concept in the wrapping forms is cohesive and offers a total transformation to the austere and rational concrete existing building. 

ClientFEM México
Design year2013
Construcion yearPendiente